Play the video to get a sneak peek inside the Doodly Genius Track. You'll see how I show you, in detail, features and functions to make the Doodly program work for you. You'll learn how to set up your project, how to match your voice over with your animation, and workarounds for creating effects outside of Doodly's standard functions. Techniques require third-party basic image editing software, like Adobe Photoshop Elements (similar to what's required when using Doodly)


Sourcing Images

Where to find literally MILLIONS of images for free.

Drop Shadows

How to give your images depth.

Editing Music

Timing music cuts perfectly with the length of your video so it doesn't sound clipped.

Learn Camera Moves

The secrets to using Doodly's camera moves to their potential.


How to give your images motion on screen.

Erasing Groups

How to have groups of images erase all at once instead of one at a time.

Professional Workflow

To make your end result exactly as you envisioned.

Matching Audio & Video

How to make your doodles align perfectly with your script.

Fade Images In AND Out

How to make images disappear softly without an eraser.

Screenshot of tutorial

Each Module is Designed for You

You'll see how to set up your Doodly project so you don't waste time later. Preparation is the key and I show you how to set up your timeline layer by layer so each step can build on the previous or stand alone. We'll work through all the details step by step together.

Detailed Instruction

I zoom in very close to the screen so you can clearly see the adjustments as I make them. This level of clarity will help you easily follow along so you don't miss a thing. 

If you can follow a recipe when you cook, you can follow the Doodly Genius Track. 

Screenshot of tutorial
Screenshot of tutorial

Advanced Techniques

We'll get into the heavier stuff too. These steps will make the difference between basic animations any beginner can do and graduating to an intermediate or pro animator.

Changing scene timing, matching voice over with what is happening on screen, and cool workarounds for fading in or out layers.  

Camera Movements

This is where your animation actually comes to life. I'll show you how to make the camera start at one point, move to another point, and pan and zoom into your animation...all while your animation is happening.  

Screenshot of tutorial


Here's what they're saying on my YouTube Channel where I've reviewed Doodly

Nice work, Jenn. This is one of the best reviews/demos I’ve ever seen. Your explanations are clear and pick up on issues that add time and frustration to using the software. Love it!
- OBP Austrailia

Here's what they're saying on my YouTube Channel where I've reviewed Doodly

I just downloaded Doodly and your tips were very helpful.
- Eric WInston

Here's what they're saying on my YouTube Channel where I've reviewed Doodly

There aren’t many doodly videos on yt that provide this kind of value. In fact most that exist are outdated. May I request that you fill this void with a dedicated series?
- Soul Vids

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