Final Cut Rock Star

Final Cut Rock Star by Jenn Jager is a step-by-step tutorial for beginners through intermediate editors. You’ll be amazed at by your finished video project, and by the end of the course you’ll definitely be a Final Cut Rock Star!



Final Cut Rock Star Next Level

Take your Final Cut skills to the Next Level! Created for Intermediate editors, Final Cut Rock Star Next Level is a deeper look into Final Cut Pro’s more complex features.

Motion Launchpad logo


Motion LaunchPad

Learn the essentials of Motion and let your creativity fly! Motion Launchpad teaches the fundamentals of Apple Motion in plain language.

Agency Kickstart, Jenn Jager


Agency Kickstart

Agency Kickstart covers the business side of running a production company, like what equipment you actually need, how to attract clients, how to price projects and even what information should be included in your contracts!

Jenn Jager Affiliate Marketing Playbook


Affiliate Marketing Playbook

Learn how to start earning truly passive income by reviewing products on YouTube without building a website, managing an email list or spending any money on advertising. You don’t even need a social media following to start earning money!

Doodly Genius Track logo Software Tutorial


Doodly Genius Track

The Doodly Genius Track by Jenn Jager is created for intermediate to experienced whiteboard animators who want to take their creations to the next level.

Bundle and Save!

Get more than one course and save. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate editor, you’ll like these bundles. You can bundle Final Cut, Next Level, Motion Launchpad, and Agency Kickstart together and save!


Final Cut Rock Star & Final Cut Rock Star Next Level  $159 (Reg. $174)

Final Cut Rock Star, Next Level & Motion Launchpad  $247 (Reg. 271)

Final Cut Rock Star, Next Level, Motion Launchpad & Agency Kickstart  $397 (Reg. $440)

Video Production

Made Simple

Jenn is skilled in every facet of the video production process, including writing, producing, shooting, and editing. She supervises every project to make sure each piece gets the special finesse only a video professional with her level of expertise can deliver.

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Success Stories

What Users Say

Over 2,000 customers have completed courses

Great course! I've been battling with Final Cut for over a year now, watching videos on YouTube and Googling things every time I needed to do something. I finally decided to take a course and learn it from A-Z. Great decision! And great choice of teacher! She is thorough, obviously very knowledgeable and pleasant. Definitely worth my time and money.

- Osvaldo Gold

5 Star Rating

I’ve learned a lot about FCPX through the internet over the past years. This was my first paid course. I’m so glad I did! The way it flows I learned so many new things…tips and tricks! I’m definitely continuing to learn this way.

- John Pasternak

5 Star Rating

I run a single person production company and this course has changed how I view my business. I can finally see a future where I could scale my business beyond just me. Thank you so much!

- Stephen Lehman

5 Star Rating

Best course ever for FCP. Thanks for making this course, there was so much great information and easy to follow along and understand.

- Mike Greene

5 Star Rating

Jenn went step by step through the whole process. I was going to wait, but I am moving on to her second class right away. I'm so glad I purchased the bundle and the affiliate marketing module. There are so many options when you are looking for videos to help with FCP, you will not find a better teacher than Jenn. Thank you so much! When I'm ready for animation, I know exactly where to go.

- Michelle Burnstein

5 Star Rating

I am just learning Motion. Course is well done and easy to follow. Examples are good, probably best if you can use a 2 screen setup, one screen to play the video on the other to do the exercise on. I recommend watching the entire course first and then go back and do the exercises. Takes more time, but more meaningful. More time on the publishing options and what each means. Need an intermediate follow up course!

- Jeff Jaeger (no relation)

5 Star Rating

Thank you so much for the way you teach the course. You break it down in a very practical way, fun, and so informative.

- Jackson Jean Jacques

5 Star Rating

I truly LOVE this course. I just wanted to learn all the basic-to-advanced skills for sufficient editing in FCP. This is it. Superb buildup, great material and case-study, and Jenn is an amazing teacher. Thanks !!!

- Arvid Buit

5 Star Rating

The modules are outstanding, easy to follow and very detailed. It is a purchase well worth it!

- Clarisse

5 Star Rating

I just downloaded Doodly and your tips were very helpful.

- Eric Winston

5 Star Rating

Nice work, Jenn. This is one of the best reviews/demos I’ve ever seen. Your explanations are clear and pick up on issues that add time and frustration to using the software. Love it!

- OBP Australia

5 Star Rating