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Final Cut Rock Star by Jenn Jager is a step-by-step tutorial for beginners through intermediate editors. In this course, Jenn supplies the raw video clips, music and graphics, and you’ll build a video right along with her, gradually increasing in complexity as you go. Jenn doesn’t just explain what she doing; she explains why, so you can apply those concepts to your own projects in the future. You’ll be amazed at by your finished video project, and by the end of the course you’ll definitely be a Final Cut Rock Star!

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Tutorial Main Features

What You'll Learn With Final Cut Rock Star

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Final Cut Interface

An in-depth understanding of FCP's tools and windows.

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FCP Shortcuts

Hotkeys that enable you to edit faster than ever.

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Editing Soundbites

How to take long, rambling soundbites and tighten them up like a pro.

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A Professional Workflow

So your end result is exactly what you envisioned.

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Exploring Color Correction

Techniques that will make your videos really pop!

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Chroma Keying

How to use green screen videos for special effects.

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Masking Techniques

How to cut elements out of your video without using masks.

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Editing Music

Timing music cuts perfectly with the length of your video so it doesn't sound clipped.

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Adding Text & Graphics

How to make text and graphics animate in.

Success Stories

What Our Client Say About Final Cut Rock Star

I truly LOVE this course. I just wanted to learn all the basic-to-advanced skills for sufficient editing in FCP. This is it. Superb buildup, great material and case-study, and Jenn is an amazing teacher. Thanks !!!

- Arvid Buit

5 Star Rating

The modules are outstanding, easy to follow and very detailed. It is a purchase well worth it!

- Clarisse

5 Star Rating

I just downloaded Doodly and your tips were very helpful.

- Eric Winston

5 Star Rating

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