Agency Kickstart


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Agency Kickstart covers the business side of running a production company, like what equipment you actually need, how to attract clients, how to price projects and even what information should be included in your contracts!  Jenn Jager spills the secrets that have kept her video production company growing rapidly for more than 10 years.  Plus a download packet that includes planning worksheets, budgeting tools, sample contracts, and more!

Agency Kickstart is for people who are considering starting a video production business, are actively starting one, or who have one but are looking to grow.

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Tutorial Main Features

What You'll Learn in Agency Kickstart

Startup Cost

What You DON'T Need To Buy

Finding Clients

Industries You Should Target

Retainer Agreements

Securing Long-Term Contracts


How To Tell If You're In Line With Competitors

Managing Growth

The Pros & Cons of Getting Big

Marketing Yourself

Spreading The Word About Your Agency


Agreement Must Haves

Writing Proposals

What You Should Never Include

Building A Team

Freelancers vs. Staff

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