Organic Video Marketing Strategy

Are you ready for an organic video marketing strategy in 2021?

Today, I’m gonna bust some myths about organic video marketing that may have been true in the past, but they ain’t true today. Are you ready?

Organic Video Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising

The first one is: “I need a traditional commercial.”

I don’t think traditional commercials are really ever going to go away. But they’re definitely losing steam in 2021 and into the future.

People don’t want to be advertised to, they want to be entertained, or informed. That’s why I talk a lot about content marketing on my channel, because that really is the wave of the marketing future. So if that’s not part of your strategy, you need to make it one.

Should I Bring In The Professionals?

The next myth is: “I should hire professional talent.”

Guess what? Today, authenticity sells. Think about the wave of advertising you’re seeing with real people with their real bodies. Realness is what’s in right now. People want to hear stories from real people. So you don’t need to hire a professional actor, or have a professional narrator. People want to see you and hear your voice. You do not need to hire professional actors in 2021.

What If Someone Steals My Ideas?

The next myth is: “I shouldn’t do content marketing, because I don’t want to show people how to do what only I know how to do.”

Literally, I had someone say this to me yesterday. This is such a mistake, because the information is already out there anyway. If anyone wants to know how to do anything in this world, they can just Google it, you have to get over that. And you might as well be the one telling them how to do these things, and become a resource to these people. Because when they run out of time to do it, or they can’t do it as well as you do, that’s when they pick up the phone and call you. Don’t be afraid to share knowledge, you make yourself valuable that way.

What About Other People In My Industry?

The next myth is: “I don’t want to be a thought leader in my industry, because I don’t want to show the other people in my industry how I do what I do.”

Have you seen my channel? Have you seen some of the videos where I show people how to use the software I use every day? Why would I do that? That sounds crazy, right? Let me explain why, and I’m telling you from personal experience that this works.

When you become a thought leader in your industry, you become like the go to expert. And who wants to hire the go to expert? Rich people, people with big budgets. That’s how you get the bigger clients, they see the value in what you bring to the table. Because if you’re teaching other people how to do something, you must be the best. And they only want to hire the best. So don’t be afraid to be a leader in your industry and talk about why you’re successful, because it actually makes you more desirable.

Should I Be On TikTok?

My last myth is: “I need to be on TikTok”.

You do not need to be on TikTok. As a business owner, you just don’t need to do it. When was the last time you searched for something and a TikTok result came up in Google? Never! You know what comes up? YouTube. YouTube comes up because YouTube is owned by Google. So I would say stay away from TikTok. In fact, I wouldn’t spread yourself too thin across every single social media platform. Pick one that makes sense for you and rock the heck out of it.

I obviously like YouTube for a lot of different businesses because you can do a really great content marketing strategy on YouTube. For some businesses, I do think Instagram is better. Let’s say you have something very visual, like you’re a fashion designer, or you own a nail or hair salon, or you have a restaurant so you have great food pics. Instagram is great for that. So pick the one channel that’s really gonna work for you and stick with it.

Video Marketing in 2021 looks a lot different than it did five or 10 years ago. And honestly, I think that’s a good thing. You can have so much more access to new people with the channels that are existing today. And if you just know how to work it right, you can really harness the power of video marketing.

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