How To Download Video On YouTube – SnapDownloader

How to Download Video from Websites, YouTube, and Vimeo

Do you need to download video from a site like YouTube or Vimeo?  I’ve been using the SnapDownloader app for years!  SnapDownloader allows you to download videos from website in a variety of file formats and resolutions just by copying and pasting the link to that video into Snap Downloader’s search field.

SnapDownloader also lets you:

  • Download just sections of videos
  • Download chapters from YouTube
  • Schedule downloads to start at a later time

To see all the ways SnapDownload works, click the video above.

Please note that you shouldn’t be using other people’s content without their permission unless it falls under what’s called fair use. And fair use is a legal term and I am not a lawyer so you should investigate what falls under fair use on your own, either by reading about it online or talking to a licensed professional.


Get SnapDownloader using this link.


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