How To Become An Influencer

So you want to become an influencer? Sounds awesome and glamorous but what does that actually take?

Today, we’ve got seven steps to become an influencer. The first step is to actually know what being an influencer means. Believe it or not being an influencer isn’t about how many subs or followers you have. It’s about how much you can impact your viewers buying decisions. So if you recommend products will people buy it? Being an influencer isn’t about the number of subscribers you have, it’s actually about dollars.

Narrow Down Your Content Type

The second step is to niche down your content. Now I know it seems like if you have a very focused content area on your channel, you’re eliminating a lot of potentials for new subs or views. But remember, being an influencer isn’t about how many subs you have. It’s about how much you influence those subs and their purchasing decisions. So if you become the expert on one very particular thing, advertisers are going to want to reach your very particular audience. They don’t want to spend money reaching a broad audience on broad topic videos, they really want to drill down and reach a particular target audience and that is where you come in.

Here’s an example. Look at Nyma Tang. She’s a big beauty blogger on YouTube. Nyma is famous for her very deep complexion, so she reviews beauty products as someone who sometimes has a hard time finding makeup to match her skin tone. Now, Nyma has more than 1 million subs. Compare that to Tati Westbrook, another beauty blogger who has more than 9 million subs, or nikkietutorials, who has over 13 million subs, or James Charles with 20 million. Now, Nyma definitely has fewer subscribers, but she probably has a lot more influence over those subscribers because those people most likely also have a hard time finding makeup to match their skin tones. So when she recommends a product, you know they go out and buy it. So if you’re a company that makes products for people with deeper skin tones Nyma’s audience is much more valuable to you than, let’s say, Tati’s broader audience. So they’re willing to spend more to reach those targeted people, so don’t be afraid to be narrow.

Keep It Real

Step number three to influencer status is to be authentic. Listen, if brands wanted fake personas, they would hire actors like they used to. Influencer marketing is all about relatability and authenticity and vulnerability. So don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Just be your dorky fabulous self because that is what sells.

How Do You Treat Yourself As A Business?

Step number four is to treat yourself as a business. If you want to be an influencer, you need to start seeing yourself as a product you need to sell. Make a website for yourself, get professional photos taken. Until now you’ve probably used social media as something fun, but I’m sorry to tell you those days are over my friend. Being an influencer means business.

How Will Brands Know You’re Open To Collaborating?

Step number five is to make sure that brands know that you’re open to collaborating and how they can reach you. Set up a separate email address for bookings or collab pitches. Make sure you include that email address in the description box under your YouTube videos, and that it’s really visible on your website.

Clean Up Your Online Presence

Step number six is to clean up your online presence. Before a brand tries to partner with you, they’re probably going to do a little bit of googling to see what they can find out about you online. So go back into your old social media posts, and delete anything that you’re not proud of or you think could jeopardize a deal with a brand.

Know When To Say No

Step number seven is to know when to say no. If a brand is asking you to say something you’re not comfortable with or it’s a product you don’t like or they don’t want to pay you enough for your time. Just say no. And also be really wary of signing any exclusivity deals unless someone’s really making it worth your while. Remember your start is on the rise and a better deal might come along in the future. So be really choosy and don’t say yes to everything.

Being an influencer is a lot of responsibility. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. I wish you luck in your endeavors and becoming an influencer.


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