Photo Vibrance Review

Photo Vibrance Review

Today we’re doing a Photo Vibrance Review video. It’s a brand new platform a very cool photo editing software that makes your photos look like they’re moving. Normally, I don’t look at a lot of photo editing apps here on my channel. But this one is brought to you by the same people who make Create Studio and you know how impressed I’ve been with Create Studio lately, so I definitely had to check it out. This article is not sponsored, these opinions are my own. I do have a link to Photo Vibrance at the end of this article if you want to check it out for yourself. And if you want to watch how I recreated the images that Photo Vibrance uses in their promotional materials, check out the video below.

Getting Started In Photo Vibrance

In Photo Vibrance there are two different styles of photo effects that you can create; Magic Motion and 3D Parallax. Let’s first talk about Magic Motion.

With Magic Motion you can make different textures in your photo look like they’re sort of rippling. This effect is super cool. It turns your photo into sort of like a looping video. You can choose what moves and what doesn’t move, you can adjust the direction of the thing that moves, and you can change the speed of the thing that moves.

If you have, lets say, a sky in your image, you can replace it with a moving shot of a sky that is already built into the Photo Vibrance platform. Photo Vibrance has a really nice “Draw Mask” feature that lets you paint out the existing sky in your photo in order to replace it with on of their moving ones. This is a really cool feature that could have a ton of applications. What if you wanted to make your photos look like ads? Photo Vibrance also has shapes and text options. You can change the color, the size, and the rotation of these elements.

Digging Deeper Into Photo Vibrance

Now let’s talk about the 3D Parallax feature. What the parallax effect is going to do is it’s going to almost feel like a pop-up book. Like certain images in our picture are in front of others. This effect uses a camera feature to really make things look three dimensional. This effect can be a little complicated, so you might need to spend some time here to figure out how it works.

The way the camera effect works in Photo Vibrance is by using keyframes. Some of you may be familiar with keyframes, and some of you may not be. Keyframes are just a way to set points between positions to create a movement. Pretty much all animation is done using keyframing.

A keyframe in Photo Vibrance basically tells the platform where I want the camera effect to zoom into or how I want it to move. You can modify how dynamic a move is, and you can also modify how much the camera move eases in or out. Since Photo Vibrance uses keyframing you can really add all kinds of really cool moves to the camera. You can zoom in or out, pan left or right, tilt up or down, or even rotate the camera.

Extra Features In Photo Vibrance

You can also add effects and objects to your images in Photo Vibrance. There are all kinds of effects in here, smoke, fire, hearts, rainbows, all kind of things. The objects they have are things like monkeys, airplanes, birds, pretty much anything you can think of. You can move these effects and objects around just like you would a shape or text. Photo Vibrance also has layers. That means you can add an effect under the portion of the image that you cut out to make some really awesome effects.

Photo Vibrance Review: Final Thoughts

So what do I think about photo of vibrance? Here are my honest thoughts. What I love about photo vibrance, obviously, is the end result of these projects. They are stunners. They are scroll stoppers. I mean, this is really an amazing platform. If you wanted to create this parallax effect before you would have to use two different programs. Photoshop to cut out your mountain and to clone in the part where you cut out, and then you would have to bring that into some sort of editor like Final Cut or iMovie or premiere to make that camera effect happen where you had things at different depths. That is something that you can do all in one platform with photo vibrance, and I love that.

I think to get the best results from photo vibrance is you really have to start with a photo where these kinds of effects make sense. So something where there’s a lot of sky you can cut out or water you can make move. In their demos, they have really cool effects with eyes and with animal fur. So you really definitely need to start with an image where you can do a lot with Photo Vibrance, and then it’s a little bit time consuming. You really have to spend the time to draw out exactly how you want the effect to play out. So you really have to dedicate some time to this. This is not the kind of thing where you just apply a filter and you’re done, but the end results are pretty spectacular.

One thing I do think photo vibrance is missing is the ability to edit or color correct your photos in this platform. There is no color correction feature at this time for your photos, so I do think they could add that. But this platform is truly amazing, and I know they are probably working on adding more features as I type this.

If you are interested in this platform, check it out here:


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